Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Six

For those of you that will be heading off to college soon, here's a couple videos to give you a sneak peak at life in college. And for those that are already in college, you should get a good laugh out of these. There's a series by Collegehumor called "The Six" and here's 3 episodes that I've really enjoyed.

Short blog for now, but I'll be back tonight to post about the day and give out a few college tips!


  1. Hilarious stuff, watched them all, the girlfriend one was hilarious.

    +1 follower!

  2. Aah, yes, collegehumor has some great stuff.

  3. Ya I've seen all of those funny stuff you seem like the average collge kid

  4. I've seen the college ones soooo many times, actually made me think what university life would be like. I'll be waiting on your tips!